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GAP 2021-2022 Registration Form 

RCIA-Gap is a teen program at Our Lady of Mt Carmel designed for individuals who have already received the sacrament of baptism (baptismal certificate required) and are seeking to receive First Communion and/or Confirmation in the Catholic Church. RCIA-Gap program is a two-year process at Our Lady of Mt Carmel.

The students meet every Monday night, 5:00-6:15pm (virtually on Zoom) and 7:00 pm- 8:15pm (in person), during the school year.

The RCIA-Gap program follows many of the Confirmation Program guidelines.

The students are expected to: 

*Attend and participate in every class.                                              *Attend Sunday Mass.                                                                  *Engage in service projects at the parish and in the community.          *Engage in spiritual exercises outside of class.                                  *Select a Saint name and write a brief report.                                    *Secure a sponsor.   

If all requirements are met, RCIA-Gap students will receive Confirmation with the 8th grade Confirmation students.




For questions or more information, contact Stephanie Snyder at stephanie.snyder@ourladyofmtcarmel.org or 630-852-3303 ext. 6.