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We are open for mass BUT registration is no longer required!!



Registration for Mass is no longer required!!


Dear Friends and Parishioners and Visitors of Our Lady of Mt Carmel:


Our Parish is elated to inform you all that we will be opening the doors of our Church this weekend with new capacities and seating. The biggest change is that Mass Registration is not longer required!!


The State of Illinois and the Diocese of Joliet are making the move into the "Bridge Phase" ahead of a full reopening in the future. Our Lady of Mt Carmel is excited to be moving to open up more fully beginning this weekend! We desire to allow all our Parish Families to continue their participation at our masses and to return home.


Our Church will move to utilize each pew of our Church with an arm's length of distance between households as directed by the Diocese. "All pews may be used, yet at least an arms-length distance is recommended between households. It is not necessary to skip rows of pews in sections where parishioners are comfortable with reduced distancing."


As of right now, masks are still required inside the Church at all times. Please remain patient with us as we continually adjust our reopening plans for masks as we receive the new directives from the State of Illinois, CDC, and the Diocese!


Thank you all for your support to Our Lady of Mt Carmel throughout this last year and all the phases of our reopening. We could not have done this without your support and especially the support of our Volunteers! Please make sure to thank them when you see them!

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2020 in Review- Letter from Fr. Mike

     What a year it has been!  Twelve months ago (or ten for that matter) who could have predicted that we would have had to suspend Masses and close the church doors due to the pandemic?  For the past 15 years as your pastor, it has been part of my routine to be in our building very early in the morning and/or late at night, when no one else is present.  During those quiet moments it is ordinary for me to spend a short time in the glow of the sanctuary lamp at the tabernacle in the centrum or in our chapel.  Those are powerful prayerful occasions when I feel God’s presence in the solitude.  I cherish those moments.  But during the obligatory hiatus, my understanding of ecclesiology, what defines “church,” began to develop.  My appreciation for God’s presence in the assembly of our faith family grew.  What is that expression regarding not fully appreciating something until we lose it?  So, for instance, I became more convinced that the celebration of the Eucharist (daily Mass) was not meant to be a solitary experience.  “Bring our parishioners home to OLMC, Lord,” became my prayer. 

     Guided by our Diocesan directives, I called together a Re-Opening Leadership Team: Mike Jurkash, our Parish Council President, Mary Prebys, Youth Minister, Brad Drake, a Jr Hi RE teacher, Gloriane Heine, the Liturgy Coordinator for the 10am Mass, Tony Adducci, long time parishioner, and Deacon Ed Ptacek.  It was our commission to engineer and launch the effort to invite the faithful back safely and prudently.  Their dedicated hard work, the tremendous volunteer spirit of our parishioners, and the patience and understanding of all regarding new procedures has been inspirational.  Everything we do makes more sense and feels more right when you, the People of OLMC, are in the building.  It has been an affirming experience as the number of attendees has grown gradually and steadily.  People tell me that they feel safe.

     It is 100% understandable that many of our members do not as yet feel comfortable gathering, are part of the “at risk” population, or are being cautiously protective of family at home.  One of the positive developments occasioned by adjustment to the virus is that we now are “Live-Streaming” a Mass each weekend.  This required investing in video and audio equipment and finding technologically adept personnel to make this happen.  David Reyes, a young and talented parishioner, with professional experience in this field, stepped forward and has devoted countless hours for months setting up this capability and working the Masses aired.  This is our commitment to maintaining contact with the members we miss, who cannot be with us yet.  This “Live-Streaming” presentation can be easily accessed.  Just go to our parish website and you will find prompts to our live-streamed Mass and simple instructions.  David has been joined by another young man of our congregation, Gene Roszal, in providing this service.  David has also trained a team of young people, who have enthusiastically volunteered their time to serve OLMC in this effort.  We are grateful for the spirited assistance of Eva, Jake, and Paul.

   Speaking of our parish website, very little of what we’ve been able to do in the arena of communication with the congregation this year would have been possible without the sustained effort last year to redesign and update this OLMC on-line resource.  We can thank staff members Sherry Rochford, our DRE, Mary Prebys, director of Youth Ministry, Stephanie Snyder, Director of Adult Faith Formation, receptionist Sue Haa, and Kate Scheck, the liaison between the RE program and the Parish Council, for that great gift.  Sherry and Mary must also be acknowledged for the massive effort required to re-structure our entire RE catalogue of offerings in order to safely space our students and continually sanitize our facility as we re-opened classes.

     This missive, as always, accompanies the annual Parish Fiscal Report.  While this year’s epistle is more of a general review of this past annum, the numbers should not escape our focus.  We have had a decline in weekend collections of about 15% this year.  That continues a downward trend in income.  Over the past 4 years we are roughly 20% off previous numbers.  Fewer people in attendance is the reason.  But our people present have continued the long standing tradition of generous support of the parish.  Consequently, we are solvent and prepared for “stuff” that happens when any institution opens its doors.  I encourage all parishioners to consider on-line giving.  Signup on our website is easy and painless.  Even with lessened regular income, I’m proud to report that our parish’s response to the Catholic Ministries Annual Appeal was, once again, tremendous.  Again we surpassed 150% of our assigned quota.  Additionally, with the appeals to our food pantry growing, charitable giving by OLMC members has kept pace.  I am impressed and thankful.

     We are thankful to Mike McLamore of our Building and Maintenance Committee for overseeing continual upgrading work on our facility over the past year.  These projects included: maintenance and cosmetic repairs in our main bathrooms upstairs and down, the sanding and re-staining of the wood doors to the centrum, and the checking and replacement of security locking mechanisms on all external doors.  Other upkeep projects included: replacement of ceiling tiles in the RE wing and downstairs, exterior and interior tuck-pointing, and landscaping work.  Additionally, we corrected a standing water problem on our roof and put in an improved drainage design.  Also a new French drainage system was installed along the exterior chapel wall.  We are taking care of our building with your donations.  Thanks Mike.  Parishioner Kathy Kapovich very generously underwrote the expense of the recent deep cleaning of our centrum area, which included sanitizing of walls and windows, carpet cleaning, and steam cleaning the fabric of all the chairs.  We are grateful.

     Yes, it has been quite a year.  This Advent season begins the New Year on our liturgical calendar.  We can give thanks for an abundance of blessings.  We can proudly proclaim that our Spirit has not been broken by the unforeseen challenges of the “Covid year.”  And we can look ahead to new beginnings because of our faith that our gracious God calls us forward and accompanies us on the journey to the Kingdom.  One of the “casualties” of 2020 was the celebration of our 50th year as a worshipping community in Darien.  We quietly marked the occasion of our Golden Anniversary as a parish in late September.  But be assured that Karen and Mike Flavin and the Parish Life and Activities Commission of our Parish Council have been working diligently in preparing for celebratory observances that are ahead this coming year.  Let us, God willing, make it a wonderful year as a faith family.  And may we get started on the next amazing 50.

Proud to be on this journey with you,

Fr Mike

This Week's Bulletin


 Fr. Mike's Open Letter to Parishoners
RE: COVID-19          March 19, 2020


We are a welcoming Catholic community called by God to live out the message of Christ in love and service to all people. Our parish mission is We are the Church, alive with Christ, a diverse community rooted in faith, celebrating a liturgy of life.  We are prayerfully responsive to the Spirit of the living Gospel, freely and fully ministering to all.  


Statement from Bishop Pates Concerning COVID19

Letter to Parents from the Office of Youth Formation RE: COVID19

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Our Food Pantry is still open.

Hours of operation have been limited due to the COVID-19 crisis, but we are open on
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You can drop off donations during the hours of operation listed above or at any Mass time.

Note: Please contact the food pantry chairman if you are considering a food drive or a large donation of items. 

A note from the food pantry

The Food Pantry would like to extend our thanks and gratitude  to all the parishioners of Our Lady Of Mt Carmel. This past year has been a long and hard one, but your continued generous support of our mission has been amazing!!

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Thank you for your continued support of our mission!

Liz Eberhart 

PLEASE-do not leave any perishable items in the blue bin, and if at allpossible, please donate perishable items during hours of operation so we make sure to keep these food items safe. 

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All those who want to help our children grow in their faith, when we return, are required to follow the Safe Environment procedures which includes participation in a "Protecting God's Children" workshop. The diocese has now allowed on-line training for all volunteers. Please sign up for this extremely informative workshop. It does take about 90 minutes to complete, (Live workshops are three hours long).

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